Olive oil is an ingredient that has been the base of the mediterranean lifestyle and diet for centuries. But today, we will show you why these common myths about Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are completely false.

Myth 1: “It’s not good for cooking”
We know that many of you use sunflower oil or other refined oils for cooking, and this is often due to false beliefs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil withstands very high temperatures, it can exceed 200 degrees and it can be used more than once. In fact, what has been fried with EVOO does not absorb as much fat and keeps its characteristics better.

It is also said that EVOO “hides” the taste of what we cook with it. If this happens to you, we assure you that it is because you have not found the olive oil to cook that suits your palate. The type of olive or the maturation are factors that can affect the flavor to be more or less strong and there is undoubtedly a variety that suits you. In addition, the aroma, taste and texture of olive juices not only improve our dishes, but also make them healthier.

Myth 2: «EVOO makes you fat»
During the 70s this false belief took root in our society, as if EVOO was a bad thing. But actually it is  pure olive juice and it is not only very healthy but also helps preventing many cardiovascular diseases among others. Obviously, it is still a fat as are all oils, but if we have to choose an oil, should’nt we choose the healthiest one?

Myth 3: “Good oil has a drak green colour”
False! Did you know that EVOO tastings are done with dark glasses so that the colour of the oil cannot be seen? Colour is not a relevant nuance when evaluating the quality of an EVOO, it just depends on the variety of the olive and its degree of maturity, the climate, etc.

Myth 4: “It’s too expensive”
Although the price varies depending on the production, it is true that EVOO is more expensive than other types of oils, but deducing from this that EVOO is expensive would be very simplistic. EVOO spreads much more than other oils and provides much more flavor and, in our case, production, harvest, everything we do until the oil reaches your table, is much more sustainable for the environment and for society. If you give these attributes the importance they deserve, you will see that a liter of EVOO like Indesinenter is actually very cheap and a clear commitment to quality.