Indesinenter – Oil of Mallorca

Indesinenter is a Latin word whose meaning we could translate as “non-stop”. It gives our oil its name because the oil tradition persists on our island for generations.

Indesinenter oil is an extra virgin olive oil (the best possible quality) obtained from the fruit of Olea Europea L., through physical procedures. never chemicals. Even the temperature remains below 27 degrees throughout the production process, which allows us to say that it is an oil obtained by cold extraction. And it is that an excess of heat can cause to lose to the oil some of his organoleptic characteristics.

It is a certified organic oil, because no herbicides or systemic insecticides are used in the process of growing, ripening and harvesting the olives and the guidelines of good agricultural practice are followed at all times.

Indesinenter oil is certified by the Denomination of Origin “Oli de Mallorca”, which guarantees that the origin of the product is only from our island.

The olive varieties we use to obtain Indesinenter oil are Mallorcan or Empeltre, Arbequina and Piqual, combined in a perfect coupage so that each one gives the best of its aromas and flavors.

In 2020, Indesinenter oil harvest was awarded the first prize for the best oil in the Balearic Islands, with special mention to the work done with the local varieties.

Olive oil is a staple in the diet of the entire Mediterranean. Already in one of the documents that best reflect the customs and life of the island of Mallorca, Die Balearen in wort und bild geschildert (1869-1891), written by Archduke Louis Savior of Austria during his stay in the island in the 19th century, the quality of virgin Mallorcan oil is praised for use in salads and in bread with oil. Few dishes in our kitchen are prepared without olive oil. And that’s great for health, too.