We hear a lot about the benefits and properties of raw extra virgin olive oil, but what happens when it comes to using it in the kitchen? Is it also good for frying? And for cooking? Today, we clarify all your doubts through five reasons to use it as a base for your diet.

  1. Cooking with OOVE is much healthier

Extra virgin olive oil is, without any doubt, the healthiest fat in the world. This claim is made after many scientific studies that prove it, both  in raw and for cooking. Cooking with EVOO we provides your body with more antioxidants and the food we prepare with it contain less “bad” fats. It also helps digestion, prevents constipation with better intestinal transit, and produces much less acidity than other oils.

2. A good EVOO is suitable for everything, even for frying

Contrary to what is believed, it is good to use EVOO for frying. It neither adversely affects the taste nor loses its properties at high temperatures. Actually, EVOO is the oil that resists heat the best.

3. It is the best preservative

EVOO, not only enriches, but also allows us to naturally preserve many foods prepared with it. Due to its high antioxidant content, it acts as a natural barrier against microorganisms, thus preventing the decomposition of the product. So much so that the greatest kitchen experts and chefs consider it essential to prepare marinades, candied products and condiments.

4. It can be reused without losing its properties

Did you know that thanks to its stability EVOO can be reused like no other oil on the market? And without losing any of its properties and nutrients.

5. Cooking with OOVE is excellent for our meals

The last reason why we recommend cooking with EVOO is so simple and straightforward that it can be summed up in a single sentence: if you choose the right EVOO, you will improve all the flavor of your meals.