We know that eating well matters to you, and there is no doubt that there is scientific evidence about the benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet. But really, do you know what this lifestyle is and what it implies?

Many times, because we live in the middle of the Mediterranean, we get confused and think that living here already leads us to follow the pattern of the Mediterranean diet, which is also influenced by many marketing campaigns that take advantage of the benefits of the “Mediterranean style”.

According to PREDIMED, the flagship of the Mediterranean diet are EVOO, nuts, fish and legumes. And one of the basic points to follow to follow a Mediterranean diet is to cook exclusively with EVOO.

Why? The Mediterranean Diet is the one that was practiced 50 years ago in Mediterranean countries and, to eat better, the goal would be to regain those habits.

So, according to the evidence, cooking with EVOO and a glass of wine a day shows the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and even cognitive deterioration due to age.